Justice and Michael are two of the most caring, genuine and kind people you will ever meet. I am one of the lucky ones who gets to call them my friends. Justice reached out to ask about sharing his and Michael’s story here and I was (and still am) elated to have this opportunity! I’m beyond hopeful that sharing their story leads to a bonus family for sweet little Maggie and Charlie. I can honestly say, you would be lucky to get to call this crew an extension of your family!

My husband, Michael, and I are the lucky parents of two year old twins, Maggie and Charlie. Before becoming parents ourselves, we knew that most parents believe their babies are the cutest in the world. After becoming parents we officially joined that club! We cannot get enough of our children. They are a constant source of joy, laughter and wonder for us.

Our journey to becoming parents was through a surrogacy process. This was an unknown world for both of us and one we learned so much about while we were experiencing it.

Michael and I agreed to wait one year from the twins birth to decide if we wanted to pursue more children. Around the twin’s first birthday we agreed that our family was complete. With three remaining embryos we were faced with the challenge of what do with them. Our surrogacy agency recommended we connect with a company that matches people who can either carry a child or use a surrogate to bring a child into the world but for certain reason(s) are unable to conceive a child. We are signed up with the agency and have met several nice people but none that fit our hopes for the embryos.

Our hope is that the person(s) who chooses our embryos will be open to their children having a relationship with our children. We do not consider the remaining embryos ours to parent but they do represent an opportunity for us to help another person or couple create a family. This is something we would not have been able to do without the kindness and sharing of others, so it is our chance to do the same.

We hope that the person or couple who chooses our embryos will support a relationship between their children and ours. More than anything we hope this process will create more connection, support and love for them. If you are looking to take a similar path as us, we can tell you that it was truly the best thing we ever did and have two beautiful children to show for it.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Justice directly via email by clicking here. He would love to hear from you!