Live each day like it’s your last. Live life to its fullest. Live without regrets. This is all so much easier said than done, especially that last one. I think it’s safe to say I regret one thing I did (or didn’t do) every day. Regrets don’t have to be big, they can be as small as ‘I should have worked out today.’ If you let them, regrets will consume you.

As a mom, I feel like I am shamed by my own regrets. Technically, I think this means I am self shaming?! That is one of hell of a realization. I shouldn’t have yelled so much today or I wish I had played with them more. Sound familiar? The reality is that in these moments, I had asked nicely no less than ten times or I just couldn’t play for one more second because I was completely exhausted and overstimulated from the day. I needed them to listen, so I yelled. I needed a moment to myself, so I stopped playing.

It’s a light switch effect. Regrets turn on, everything else turns off. I immediately lose sight of the big picture. Instead, I will find myself holding on to one teeny tiny imperfection in said picture. Sure, I yelled a couple times or didn’t play for a few minutes but that’s just it! A couple times and a few minutes is nothing compared to the millions of laughs, smiles and playful moments we experience together.

I’m realizing that I don’t give myself nearly enough credit for all that I do right! All of the things I will never, ever regret. So once I put the kids to bed at night and the regrets of the day start flooding in I am going to do my very best to stop them in their tracks by asking myself one simple question—what didn’t I regret today? A much deserved pat on the back from me, myself and I. I have a feeling I’m not alone in this one so go ahead and try it! If you ask me, we could all use a little more self love!